CCMH 535 Week 2 Quiz

CCMH 535 Week 2 Quiz

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Week 2

1)      Answer the following multiple-choice questions based on your readings for this week.             

A test was administered to a group of students the morning after homecoming. Several of the students appeared tired and some were coughing and sneezing. These factors may result in what type of error


2)        If the reliability coefficient of a test is determined to be .27, what percentage is attributed to random chance or error?27%


3)         A researcher wants to measure content sampling error and has two versions of an achievement test available. What measure of estimating reliability would be


4)      You are reading about reliability of a test in the test manual and notice that the researchers report using a Spearman-Brown coefficient. You can infer that internal consistency reliability was measured using:


5)        A researcher wants to measure internal consistency in a test that measures two different constructs (self-esteem and depression) without subdividing the items into the two construct groupings. Which of the following would be the best method to use in measuring internal consistency


6)      The SEM for an achievement test is 2.45. Jonny scores 100 and we assume that 68% of the time his true score falls between + 1 SEM. This means the confidence interval would be between:


7)      When the researcher interprets the reliability coefficient, the closer the score is to 0,:


8)      ___________________________ is a threat to validity that implies that a test is too narrow and fails to include important dimensions or aspects of the identified construct.

9)      When discussing the relationship between reliability and validity, which of the following is true?


10)   Validity coefficients greater than _________ are considered in the very high range.


11)    _________________ is calculated by correlating test scores with the scores of tests or measures that assess the same construct.


12)   The ______________ is characterized by assessing both convergent and discriminant validity evidence and displaying data on a table of correlations.
multitrait-multimethod matrix 


13)   The goal of factor analysis is to


14)   According to Messick (1989), consequential validity includes


15)   The best source of information and critical reviews about commercial tests is the:


16)    To purchase a(n) ____________ instrument, a practitioner must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, human services, education, or related disciplines; training or certification relevant to assessment; or practical experience in the use of assessment instruments.


17)   Typical errors in scoring assessment instruments include:


18)   The most cost-effective method of administering assessment instruments is ______________.


19)   _________________________________ must occur prior to administering an assessment instrument.Informed consent from clients


20)   The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is considered a(n):

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